A Royal Salute


Purple puts us in touch with the part of ourselves that is regal. Purple is the queen in all women; it helps us keep our backs straight and heads held high. –Byllye Avery

Whether you have a February birthday, or simply love the color purple, celebrate the Queen inside of you, Hold you head high, and face the world with the dignity of a royal. You have your own sense of power and don’t need a crown to prove it.

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The rich tones of purple have often been associated with royalty.  In our one-of-a-kind, A Royal Salute necklace, an artisan’s pendant of sterling silver, bronze and amethyst is accompanied by high grade amethyst, sterling silver and gold-fill beads.  The necklace has a sterling silver extender which allows the necklace to range from 18-inches to 20-Inches. A tiny, sterling silver tag ensures this is an original and unique design.  To accompany the necklace, we have designed a pair of matching earrings.


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