Amethyst Sky


“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.”
Alice Hoffman

Mother Nature brings out her pallette to paint the Winter sky with glorious shades of amethyst and rose.  While scientists give explanations why the colors are so magnificent, we simply marvel at the glory in the evening sky.




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Our one-of-a-kind Amethyst Sky necklace features a rich medley of amethyst and gold in a handcrafted, 2 1/8-inch by 1-inch pendant, showcasing the beauty of a unique lampwork focal bead.  The artisan lampwork is paired with amethyst gemstones, sterling silver beads and Swarovski crystals.  Suspended on an 18-inch, sterling silver chain, Amethyst Sky is accompanied by a pair of 1 1/2-inch, matching sterling silver earrings.  A tiny, sterling silver tag bears the Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo, ensuring this is an original design.


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