Earthscape From Afar


“Looking outward to the blackness of space, sprinkled with the glory of a universe of lights, I saw majesty—but no welcome. Below was a welcoming planet. There, contained in the thin, moving, incredibly fragile shell of the biosphere is everything that is dear to you, all the human drama and comedy. That’s where life is; that’s were all the good stuff is.”

— Loren Acton, Physicist and Space Shuttle Astronaut

We don’t need to fly into space to see the beauty of our Earthscape.  We need only to open our eyes and really look to see and celebrate the wondrous beauty that surrounds us every day.

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The vibrant colors of this gemstone comes from the combination of both Azurite and Malachite, and has long been valued for its richness of colors and ability to be carved into cabochons (pendants) or small objets d’art. The oldest mine is found in Israel and has been in operation for over 3000 years.  “Azurite-malachite is a blend of two distinct and popular gems: the deep, almost lapis-like blues of azurite and the variegated green shades of banded malachite.”*

In our Earthscape From Afar, 35 carats of richly hued Azurite-Malachite has been handcrafted in a solid, sterling silver cuff style bracelet designed to comfortably fit 6.5-inch to 7-inch wrist.


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