Guardian of the Night


“Advice from an owl: stay focused, be “whoo” you are, trust in a wise friend, live off the land, glide through the dark times, be observant, life’s a hoot!”– Ilan Shamir

We can learn so much from nature, if only we take the time to observe and pay attention to the lessons that are available to us in the natural world that surrounds us.

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We celebrate the beauty, mystery and wonder of owls in our Guardian of the Night handcrafted necklace. The 2 1/4-inch by 1-inch sterling silver pendant features 37 carats of Petrified, Opalized Wood in colors that reflect the rich colors of an owl’s feathers. The newest addition to Silversmith Ron’s Silhouette Series, the pendant is two-sided with a full view of the gemstone on one side and an owl sitting sentry on a bronze branch under the guidance of a crescent moon on the other. The one-of-a-kind pendant is suspended on an 18-inch, sterling silver chain. A tiny, sterling silver tag bears our Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo, ensuring this is an original design.


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