Moroccan Canyon


“Come dance with the west wind and touch on the mountain tops. Sail o’er the canyons and up to the stars, And reach for the heavens and hope for the future,  And all that we can be and not what we are.” John Denver


The incredible beauty found on earth can last like a blossoming flower for only a day; or remain for the eons, like the richness of the stones found in the geology of our planet.  Either way, we celebrate the opportunities to witness the bounty of our natural world.

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A spectacular cabochon, 35 carats of Moroccan Seam Agate was the inspiration for our one-of-a-kind, sterling silver pendant.  1/2 carat of sparkling, Madeira Citrine accompanies it in the handcrafted, sterling silver, 2 1/8-inch by 1 1/8-inch pendant.  Suspended on an18-inch, intricate, sterling silver chain, it is yet another testimony to the beauty found in our geological world.  Our logo is stamped on the back, once again ensuring this is an original design.


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