Seaway Necklace Set


“We dream in colors borrowed from the seaside”― Jordan Hoechlin

Spending time observing the sea is a gift fills our hearts with an evolving array of emotions, ranging from a sense of awe and wonder, to a feelings of solace and peace.

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Our one-of-a-kind Seaway Necklace Set features a 2 1/8-inch by 1-inch pendant featuring a two-sided, artisan lampwork in the rich seaworthy colors of cobalt and cerulean blue. Paired with Swarovski crystals, Czech glass and sterling silver beads, Seaway is suspended on an 18-inch sterling silver chain. A pair of 1 1/2-inch, sterling silver coordinating earrings complete the set. A tiny, sterling silver tag bears our Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo, ensuring this is an original design.


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