Wendy and Ron are the heart and soul of Dreamscape Jewelry. They not only find quality material, but they also turn it into beautiful and unique jewelry! I recognize a business that values its customers, embraces the beauty of the environment, and draws inspiration from both. Ordering online was easy and it came directly to my door. Wendy helped me determine wrist size for the bracelet I ordered, and it fit my daughter perfectly. My first purchase was just for fun, my second was a gift for someone special, and my next will be to remember the love of my life who I lost too soon. Thanks to Wendy and Ron, I’ll find the perfect piece!

Dana L.

When I first stumbled across this tent at the craft fair in Meredith earlier this year, I had never seen Dreamscape Jewelry Design. Couldn’t be happier to have discovered such amazing attention to detail, personal, unique, quality jewelry! Love my personalized “two peas in a pod” bracelet and necklace set to represent my two little ladies! All of their work is incredible and I can’t wait for my next piece!

Jen D.

I own several exquisite pieces of jewelry from Dreamscape Jewelry including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Beautifully designed and custom fit with a personal touch Excellent customer service. Design and workmanship are superb.

Dotti C.

I love my Dreamscape ZoBangle so much! It's unique, original design and customized fit to my wrist make this bracelet my favorite piece of jewelry. Wendy and Ron have a great feel for combining colors and textures, and I can feel the joy it's made with. Looking forward to seeing the designs that this magnificent couple creates next!

Susan M.