Our Team

Wendy Oellers-Fulmer

Ron Fulmer, Suki & Tika

One of the artists, Wendy Oellers-Fulmer is an award-winning teacher for her work in the arts and environmental education. Nine years ago, she discovered the joy found in making beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. She left Public School teaching in 2011 to pursue the art of jewelry making. Her designs are inspired by the “stories” found in nature, unusual focal beads, semi-precious gemstones, and vintage jewelry pieces.  She lives Gilford, New Hampshire with her husband (designer, silversmith, business partner and best friend) Ron. In addition to jewelry making, her free time favorites are: gardening, nature journaling, bird-watching and hiking with Ron, photography, painting with watercolors, reading, and spending time with their beloved granddaughters Maya and Zoe.

Three years ago, while visiting with an 80-year old close friend and mentor, Ron was introduced to  the magic of silversmithing.  A life-time “Rock Hound”, he now delights in showcasing his “finds’ in unique sterling silver pendants.  Each day he ventures out for long hikes with their two golden retrievers, collecting inspirational ideas for his Silverstone Collection pieces.  Summers are spent six hours north on pristine East Grand Lake in Danforth, Maine. Loons, eagles and moose are a few of the neighbors they treasure and have inspired the Northern Woods Sterling Bangles series.


Joining us in 2018 is Shelly Tibbetts, who’s a talented multitasker with great ideas (practical ones!), excellent organizational skills, who keeps us focused (not an easy task with two creative artists), and ready in-between and at our busy shows.