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Night Magic

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On a clear night, in northern Maine, we watched in awe the spectacular sight of the Perseid meteor showers.    Night Magic, inspired by that night, is an original bracelet made with authentic, high quality, European leather in shimmery, graphite.  Two swirling, antique silver squares are flanked by sliders and  jet black rubber-O-rings (latex free).The antique silver clasp is a strong and magnetic, easy to put on and take off. The silver components are made from zinc that is mined in Germany or Belgium. Each piece is then electro-plated in silver-- the silver finish uses 99.9% sterling silver. This bracelet can be custom ordered.

To measure your wrist size:

Use a flexible measuring tape or piece of string, measure just above your wrist bone. Take the wrist circumference and be sure the tape is snug. and add another 1/4" to 1/2" depending on how much drape you want. If using string, measure the length of the string corresponding to your wrist circumference with a ruler.


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