Blossoms of Hope Cards


“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”  Jonas Salk

Our original cards are inspired by both our forays into the natural world to see what’s blooming, and the inspirational words of wisdom passed down through the ages.  You can give one as a meaningful and personal message of hope, or frame it as a reminder of how important it is to not lose our sense of hope and positivity.

Each Blossoms of Hope Set comes with an assortment of 6 different cards chosen from the selection below.


Upon ordering, please select your choice of sets (1, 2, and/or 3)) of the different cards.  If you want multiples of a particular card, please contact us for special ordering.  (see pricing information below) For more information, please read the description below.

Set 1:

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Pearly Everlasting
  3. Water Lilies
  4. Shy Daisy
  5. Buttercups
  6. Heal-All

Set 2:

7.Butterfly & Blossom

8. A Trio of Buttercups

9. Dame’s Rocket

10. Blue Flag Iris

11. Gold Thread Wildflower

12. Daisy Fleabane

Set 3: 

13. Dragonfly

14. Crown Vetch

15. Coltsfoot

16. Golden thread in Winter

17. Black-eyed Susan & Butterflies

18. Hawkweed Seedlings

For more information, please see details below.

Note: The Sample information does not appear on final product.



Our Blossoms of Hope Cards feature our original photographs of the beautiful garden and wildflowers found in our natural world with meaningful quotes to inspire and bring solace to others during times of challenge. The nature photographs in our cards are all original and professionally printed with a finish that prevents fading.  The frameable,  5 by 7 inch cards are created with premium linen paper, reminiscent of the texture of elegant linen cloth and come in a protective sleeve.

Note: If you have a particular favorite(s) that you want to add to your order please contact us.

One card: $5.50.  Two cards: $10. 4 cards: $20. 6 cards:$28. 8 cards: 40. 10 cards: 48. 12 cards: $56


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