Midnight Sun


“To me, there’s nothing quite like a beautiful night sky to put everything into perspective and focus. It clears the mind. It’s comforting to know that the darker it gets, the more stars begin to shine.” – Max Art

Nature’s beauty, whether it’s the awe inspiring flashes of light in a midnight sky all the way to encompass the wonders of gemstones hidden in the earth, is a gift to seek out, savor and treasure.

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Labradorite is renowned for its brilliant flashes of color (blue, green, yellow, or red) when the stone is turned. Known as labradorescence, this phenomena results from light refractions diffracting off the layers of feldspar. Our one-of-a-kind, Midnight Sun has brilliant flashes of blue reminiscent of the light flashes of Aurora Borealis in a midnight sky. Midnight Sun features 27 carats of Labradorite paired with 1.5 carats of a trillium cut Blue Sapphire, handcrafted in a 1 5/8-inches by 1 1/8-inches sterling silver pendant. The pendant is suspended on an 18-inch chain; on the back is our Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo ensuring this is an original design.


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