“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.”  — Jessica Harrelson

After a long, cold and dark winter, the emergence of Spring brings a freshness of hope and joy to our winter weary hearts.

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A hand-stitched bracelet, in the freshly blooming colors of a Spring landscape, was created with with faceted Czech crystals and shimmery, tiny glass rings.  Springtime, a beaded bracelet can be fastened with a sterling silver magnetic clasp and safety chain.  Springtime was designed to  fit wrist sizes up to 6.5-inches *.  The magnetic clasp is strong, with the safety chain adding additional security.  A tiny, sterling silver tag bears our Dreamscape Jewelry Design logo.


To find out your exact bracelet size, use a measuring tape or piece of string to measure the size of your wrist. You should measure just above the wrist bone, as shown in the image below and then add 0.8 inches (2cm) to your wrist size to get the correct bracelet size.



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