Tiny Hummingbirds


A flash of harmless lightning, A mist of rainbow dyes, The burnished sunbeams brightening From flower to flower he flies.” John B. Tabb


Tiny little acrobats of the sky, hummingbirds are amazing in their ability to navigate the skies.  The only bird to be able to fly backward and be suspended in space, they also fly huge distances solo in their annual migration to warmer territories.

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A buzz and flash of light lets us know the hummingbirds are back. We celebrate these amazing, tiny birds with our one-inch, lightweight Tiny hummingbirds earrings which are three dimensional, sterling silver and fly with hematite gemstones, sterling silver beads and ear wires.  

They pair beautifully with our Tiny Dancer necklace.

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amethyst, bright green, bright red, dark purple, deep red, denim blue, light blue, orange, sparkling crystal, sunflower yellow


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