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A Nonny’s Joy

Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold. ― Irish Blessing



For the past four years, Mother’s Day has found us at our first outdoor show of the season, where we arrive at an early hour and after packing up, don’t return home until late.  Although I heard from all three of our kids, I didn’t get to celebrate with it with them.

This morning, at the crack of dawn, along with the morning chorus of Spring birds, I was awakened by the sound of giggles in our guest bedroom.  My granddaughters, Zoe and Maya (5 1/2 and 9) were ready to start the day. I listened to their chatter and reflected once again how thankful I am to live in the same town and be able to spend time with them.

While I was in the process of raising my own three children, the days were filled with routines, responsibilities, and endless to-do lists.  I loved being a mom and marveled at how fast the time passed as they grew.  It seemed as the days, although admittedly long at times, flew past.  One moment I was tearfully taking them to kindergarten, the next (again tearfully)  sending them off to college.

Being a Nonny, (my name as a grandma), has put into perspective how precious is the time we have with the loved ones in our life. The responsibilities and to-do lists, as always, are endless,but now I stop, put them aside and treasure the time I have with these little girls. They bring me laughter, joy and the precious gift of love.

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