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A Series of Fortunate and Unfortunate Events

The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it.” Marcus Aurelius

Sharing reflection space and time with our Tika

On the day before we headed back to our northern camp and studio, I spent some treasured time with our beloved 9 and 6-year old granddaughters, Maya and Zoe. Being very creative little girls, we never lack for something to do. At the end of the afternoon, we found ourselves together in a hammock, underneath the shade of a leafy, oak tree. Maya wanted to teach us a new game called “Fortunately/Unfortunately”. It’s a story telling game where partners take turn spinning a connecting tale. The link to each storyteller is either the words “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately”. For example, Maya started: “Fortunately there once was a beautiful maiden who lived in a golden castle by the sea.” She stopped and it was Zoe’s turn. “Unfortunately, the Maiden was kept in a dark dungeon and never was allowed out to see the ocean”. The story went on, veering from one “fabulous fortunate” occurrence to “miserable mishaps”. We ended up in giggles as the story became more and more absurd with characters ranging from “magical, rainbow colored unicorns” to “stinky skunks”. But each time there was something dreadful, good fortune was always a storyteller away.

On my long drive back to Maine, I thought about the game and the idea of both fortunate and unfortunate events in our lives. Change, we know is constant, with both wonderful and tragic events part of the journey. But I love to think, that like the game, there exists a balance, where sadness can be counterbalanced by joy, sorrowful endings by new beginnings, and misery by unexpected blessings. I am embracing this idea of looking at my life by counting the fortunate events and recognizing that the unfortunate ones are only a storyteller away.

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