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Amazing, But Not Amazon

“Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.” Henry Ward Beecher


We’ve just returned from a two-day show at the 23rd Grand Lake Stream Folk Arts and Music festival.  Set in the picturesque town of Grand Lake Stream, Maine, it’s one of our all time favorite venues. Voted by Yankee Magazine as number one in New England in 2016, we have always felt truly fortunate to be included in this group of talented artists and musicians.

The craftsmanship we witnessed there was exceptional and expanded a whole range of artistry from exquisite pictures featuring flower & leaf pressings & gorgeous pottery to incredibly detailed wood carvings and richly hued stained glass creations.  The expanse of creativity showcased once again how it can take many forms and can range from the esthetic and decorative to functional and practical.    Across from us was Cathy Shamels renowned whimsical fiber art pictures and pillows.  Beside her was Mark and Arlene Wren’s stained glass, beeswax products, rugs and quilts.  Beside us was Roger from Penobscot Pyrographics, whose incredibly detailed pictures were mind boggling when I learned he did them through word burning.  There was foot tapping music provided by a diverse set of talented musicians throughout the festival, an array of exhibits including a stunning quilt exhibition and even a children’s tent. The show was busy, but towards the end on Sunday, I finally had a time to visit a few of the vendors.  What came  through each conversations was the amount of hard work and time that went into each one of their pieces. The hard work encompasses not only the creation time, but also the amount of energy and time that goes into participating in a show. One of my fb followers, Maureen Greene  posted the comment, “ I think anything we make with our hands denotes LOVE….it is a gift from our heart!  I think her words ring true, and the gifts from the heart were clearly evident in the different artist booths.

Our own show set up takes three hours, and a little less to break down.  We’re there from the first customer til the last.  It can be grueling, but our energy is recharged by our interactions with our customers. On the home, I reflected on the personal connection each one of the artists makes with their customers and thought once again, this is a chance for customers to create meaningful connections with the artist.  The pieces then become stories….I remember when…..  Attending an Arts & Crafts show, is not fast click Amazon, but a chance to meet some amazing artists.  The next time you have an opportunity to go to one, head on out and let the adventures in Art begin.

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