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April 12, 2020: A Season of Hope

Adversity is like the period of the rain … cold, comfortless, unfriendly to people and to animals; yet from that season have their birth the flower, the fruit, the date, the rose and the pomegranate.

Author: Walter Scott

 Like the seed resting beneath the snow, I’ve always associated Spring with the word hope.   It’s a time of new beginnings and a rebirth of the natural world; where each day brings an invitation to venture out and see the wonders that bloom a bit more each day.

This year, with the pandemic wrecking havoc on the world, hope has become more elusive, its voice quieted by the spectacle of rising daily numbers and mind numbing reports of tragedy..  Yet like the buds on the trees and early flowers, the season of Spring is here, and like the blooming plants, signs of hope are emerging.  

Rainbows, a sign of solidarity are popping in homes around our area.  Our schools are closed, but on Saturday, local teachers gathered in their cars, and in one long parade, followed the bus routes to wave and cheer on their students.  Local businesses have joined together to gather and disperse food baskets.  Humorous cartoons are shared on social media, along with inspirational poems, pictures and recipes for everything from making face masks to activities to entertain housebound children.

The shared birthday of my husband and daughter, was celebrated via a Zoom (internet) meeting.  It wasn’t the same as being all together, but we still celebrated with singing, lighting candles and laughter.

Like the cold and dark times of winter, this time of challenge will pass.And the like seeds beneath the snow, hopes are blooming too.

We wish our family and friends, hope, health and happiness in the days to come.

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