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April 26, 2020: Planting a Different And/or New Life

We are now entering our fifth week of sheltering at home. Over the past month, like many, we’ve settled into our “new normal” with our regular routines turned topsy turvy. Face masks and gloves are now part of our fashion statement and we’re thankful for technology to help us stay connected with family, friends and what’s happening in the world. Uncertainty remains a factor in determining future plans. We’re not sure how long this pandemic will last or when businesses will reopen, let alone how many of our shows will still happen. We are taking this time seriously in our attempts to stay healthy and others safe.

But Spring is also the time for planting our gardens. Despite the bitter cold weather we’ve had lately, yesterday was a gorgeous day to head outdoors. We spent the day working in the beds, setting the stage for future blooms by raking, pulling weeds, tilling the soil and fertilizing both perennials and shrubs.

On a walk in the woods last week, we discovered a patch of tiny, Trailing Arbutus…the sweet aroma and beauty of these wildflowers was such a special find.

As I was working, I thought about the events in the past month and how the changes we’ve made have set in motion seeds for the future. So although we are still uncertain, we are intentionally planting a garden with positive seeds of hope.

I start each day off with a period of meditation and seeking quotes of positivity to pair with nature photographs. These simple acts set the tone for the day. Less time running around has lead to a focus on our home and studio. Procrastination over plans to organize our home are coming to fruition, leading to a calmer, more functional life. Less eating out has resulted in careful planning and healthier meals. More time at home and less distractions has also lead to a whole garden of new designs.

We’ve also been exploring new alternatives with our jewelry business practices. We love the interactions with our customers at shows, but are unsure of which shows will actually happen. So for the first time ever, with encouragement from supportive friends, we conducted a “live event” on social media for Earth Day. https://www.facebook.com/DreamscapeJewelryDesign/videos/416699422623834/UzpfSTE4NTk2MjQ3MTUwNTE1ODoyNTkzODg3ODI0MDQ1OTMy/ It gave us a path to connect directly with our customers in a healthy/safe way. Participating in a live event was a learning curve for both of us, pushing us out of our comfort zone, but ended up being a positive experience with practice times yielding lots of laughter. My shyer and initially reluctant husband Ron, already has ideas for the next one.

How the garden turns out is still uncertain, but with our seeds of hope, positive changes, hard work and willingness to explore alternative plans, we are looking forward to the beautiful things to come.

What seeds have you planted in your garden of life?


  • Rita
    April 29, 2020

    I really do enjoy your weekly blogs and the beautiful photography that illustrate your thoughts and newly created jewelry.


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