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August 1, 2021: Coming Full Circle

The definition of the expression “comes full circle,”refers to when something completes a cycle, and returns to its beginnings. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/come-full-circle

East Grand and Sucker Lakes

Twelve years ago, we accomplished a long held dream of ours when we bought our camp by East Grand Lake in northern Maine. Although it was six hours away from our home and studio in New Hampshire, we had grown to love this beautiful, wild place during our vacations with family. The property was a literally a “diamond in the rough”, and needed lots of attention. Our first year there, we cleaned away years of neglect, painted it inside and out, put in a well and a septic system. A local Amish business built our studio and we began the yearly migration to spend our Summers into Fall up here.

The town of nearby Danforth is small, with less than 600 people. But the community spirit is strong. Our first year there, we were invited to participate in Summerfest, a beloved community celebration with a variety of activities from barbecues, scavenger hunts, games and a parade, to fireworks, a dance and local crafts. The annual event is supported by community enthusiasm, bringing in local residents as well as visitors to the area. Our participation involved a 2′ by 8′ folding table and a small sampling of our jewelry. It was in essence, our very first craft show. I still remember the rewarding experience of positive reactions to our jewelry which ultimately planted seeds to the idea of doing more shows.

Over the years that followed, we expanded our jewelry design business and began participating in larger shows. The simple folding table, with minimal set-up time evolved into a “boutique” booth that takes hours to set up. Our schedule expanded to include shows in New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts as well as ones in New Hampshire. As a result, we were not able to participate in Danforth’s Summerfest due to conflicts in our show schedules.

But this year, with an opening in our schedule, we will have returned full circle back to where it all began. Next Saturday, August 7, we will set up a modified version of our booth at Summerfest in downtown Danforth. It will be a much simpler set-up, with only a few tables and a smaller selection of our jewelry. But we’ll be able to participate in an event which launched the beginning of our dream to journey as jewelry artists, and became our unofficial entry into a community that from the beginning, welcomed us in.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and we welcome your comments and invite you to share it with someone who might find it meaningful. If you’re anywhere in the area, come on down to Summerfest!

Quotes on Full Circle:

You just stay the course, and do what it is that you do, and grow while you’re doing it. Eventually it will either come full circle, or at least you’ll go to bed at night happy.

Jon Bon Jovi

Life is a full circle, widening until it joins the circle motions of the infinite.

Anais Nin

The more we love the more we lose. The more we lose the more we learn. The more we learn the more we love. It comes full circle. Life is the school, love is the lesson. We cannot lose.

Kate McGahan

You have everything when you embrace the full circle of life.

Kathryn V. White

When life brings you full circle, pay attention. There’s a lesson there. – 

Mandy Hale

You know, if you hang around this earth long enough you really see how things come full circle.

Patti Davis

To travel a circle is to journey over the same ground time and time again. To travel a circle wisely is to journey over the same ground for the first time. In this way, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the circle, a path to where you wish to be. And when you notice at last that the path has circled back into itself, you realize that where you wish to be is where you have already been … and always were.

Neale Donald Walsch


  • Rita
    August 2, 2021

    It is amazing how you come up with the quotations to illustrate the topic that you are writing about. That is a good story of how you came to “travel full circle.” I look forward to your weekly blog. Keep them up. You seem to be able to come up with an interesting weekly story.


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