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Creativity is Contagious

Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. Albert Einstein

Creativity begins with an affinity for something.  It’s like falling in love. Howard Gardner


One of my favorite books ,is I Am an Artist by Pat Lowery Collins.  With beautiful watercolors and lovely prose, it gently shows how when we take the time to carefully explore the world around us, it can open up doors of creativity. Described as a children book, I have read it to both groups of little ones and adults,  to remind us we can be creative in a myriad of ways.  The children in my groups jumped into discussions with all the ways they were artists.  Too often, however, the adults would regretfully express the sentiments, “I’m not creative.” They were judging themselves by impossibly high standard, with comparisons to professional artists.


When we opened the discussion and began looking at all the ways we can be creative, the possibilities were  endless. In Lowery’s book, she describes how the experiences of searching with our senses; noticing patterns, touching different textures, observing nature, listening carefully and other sensory ones can bring out the artists in all of us.  One close friend is a wonderful artist in the kitchen, creating meals that are a delight to both the eyes and stomach.  Another plants lush gardens you want to get lost in, while still another creates beautiful quilts to snuggle in.  When you create something you love, your artist is singing her/his song

This Summer surrounded by nature in our Northern Studio, I’ve given myself the challenge to really take the time each day to notice what’s around me.  As I head outdoors, I find I am paying more attention to details, noticing things along the trail I previously would have missed.

As a result, a strange and wonderful thing happened this week.  I pulled out my watercolors. I hadn’t touched them in a year and only painted once last Summer.  What I discovered is the acts of searching for beauty and noticing details came flowing into the painting.  I gave myself permission just to “play” and enjoy the process. Usually I am too critical of my paintings and as a result, the watercolors sit quietly in the closet. This time it was different.  I took pleasure in the way the colors swirled on my paper and settled into different textures and designs.  When I finally finished, it wasn’t the critic’s voice I heard, it was the creative spirit in me saying, you see, I’m an artist too”.

Our imagination fuels our creativity. When we give it opportunities to come out and play, without comparison or judgement, the artist soul has a chance to let these ideas soar into fruition



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