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Dancing With A Blue Moon

The moon puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, colour and nuance. –Arthur Smith


Every month, I find that for several days, I’ll be exceptionally creative, more chaotic than usual, and have wild, dreams with tossing and turnings all night long.When I look up into the night sky, and see that the full moon is shining brightly. I think to myself, “Of course, that’s what it is”.  These behaviors ebb after a few days, and then I am filled with a new rush of energy to organize.

Since the days of ancient Rome, the full moon has been attributed of having an impact on a wide range of human behaviors from increased birth rates and disturbed sleep to asthma and mental disturbances. In fact, the actual word lunatic comes from the Latin word luna meaning moon. Moonstruck means to be dazed or distracted with romantic sentiment, or‘mentally deranged; crazy.Yet despite no concrete, scientific evidence  of any actual impact, folklore has persisted throughout the centuries about the powerful effects of a full moon. From hospital nurseries, and classrooms to police blogs, beliefs persist about the inexplicable events of what happens during a full moon.

Years ago, on a sleepless night in northern Maine, where the second full moon of the month, (called a blue moon), was shining brightly. I was drawn outdoors.  I stood in my nightgown, barefoot on the grass and gazed in awe at the sky. I was later inspired to write a poem, part of which I’ll share here.

Dancing With A Blue Moon

Night air, cool and featherlight, caresses the body,

while on center stage, with an ebony backdrop of starlit infinity,

the blue moon dances.

A temptress of the dark, she shimmers in the night sky,

and bathes her followers with light,

transforming the mundane into the mystical.

veils of wispy clouds tempt and tease,

shadows on the face of hidden fears,

dissolve in the luminous power of her smile.

Night dancing with quicksilver steps offers a balm to the restless.

Confusion disappears in the startling clarity of lunar light

as the rare gift of peace is bestowed upon the soul.     

Wendy Oellers-1996

My science brain has accepted the fact that I do feel and behave differently during a full moon, despite the lack of factual data. What I do know is that the awareness of the full moon and the gift of moonlight that illuminates the darkness always fills me with awe.

I’m curious to know, how does a full moon effect you?




  • Jen
    September 21, 2018

    For me, it just seems to put everything around me in shambles..I do notice a calm after it is over or a “back to normal” feeling (but what is “normal” these days anyway? haha!) but during it seems the strangest things happen, out of sorts events & people around me seem to be “off”


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