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January 10, 2021: Stories in the Stones: Garnets

All the luminous the coloured spectacles which the world in the immensity of space can offer us, nature has produced in miniature amongst precious stones. ~Charles Blanc

Gemstones shimmer, sparkle and add beauty and elegance to our lives.  They are precious, have both astrological and mythical meanings; and are believed to own hold unique healing powers and therapeutic effects.   But do you know that each birthstone has its own individual history and meaning? To learn more about the history of birthstones, http://February 3, 2019: Stories In The Stones: Birthstones\

The birthstone of January, and the focus for our first nine designs of 2021, are Garnets, which have an ancient history, dating as far back as 3100BC. Garnets got their name which originated from the medieval Latin granatus, meaning “pomegranate,” as the deep red color was similar to pomegranate seeds. Ancient Egyptians used garnets in both inlays and jewelry, believing it to represent life. Prized by the Romans, garnets were also incorporated by ancient healers and wisemen for its healing powers when placed in wounds. Warriors wore garnets as talismans for protection against the enemy, pestilence and plague.

Garnets also have a rich history of folklore. Garnets are believed to bring friendship, happiness, peace, prosperity and good health. It has been called the “Gem of Faith” , with the belief, that as the wearer does good, more good will come.

While crimson red garnets (Almandine) are the most common, garnets actually come in a range of rich colors: greens, oranges, pink-orange, purple-red, and even some blues.


We love learning about the history of the gemstones we weave into our jewelry designs and hope you find it as interesting as we do. Next month’s birthstone will be amethyst. Look forward to the next: Stories In The Stones

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Six new earring inspirations for our January Celebration. For a closer look at our garnet designs, simply type garnet into our search bar.

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