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May 31, 2020: What’s In A Name?

Only three more carloads to go!

Every June, my husband Ron and I begin the transition of packing up our life and moving 6 hours (300 miles)  north to our camp on a lake that borders Maine and Canada.   It takes us two round trips with loaded cars to set up our studio and home for the next four months  During a normal show season, we make the journey to the various locations, but always return back here.  It’s a place of quietude, an allure of wildness intertwined with the advantage of having modern necessities in the nearby small town of Danforth. 

After the 6 hour drive, our goldens Suki and Tika couldn’t wait to dive in! Across the lake is New Brunswick.

 We’re often asked how we came up with the name of Dreamscape Jewelry Design.  My cousins have been coming to this remote East Grand lake for over 60 years.  We began visiting again in the late 90’s and fell in love with this area.  It’s a huge, quiet lake, with lots of surrounding trails to hike on and places to explore.   At night, the lack of ambient light provides a backdrop of sparking stars and the loons serenade us with their etherial songs.  

Our Maine studio

We were truly fortunate to find our camp 11 years ago. Our first year we added a well, septic system and eventually a studio built in an Amish Community and transported here. We’ve built flower gardens around the camp and have worked hard to create an oasis of peace. No matter how chaotic the world can seem, we always find ourselves replenished and restored by our time here where nature provides us with daily inspiration.

I’ve always loved gardening. It’s like .painting with flowers.

As to our name of Dreamscape Jewelry Design?  On our first year of ownership, we were visiting in late Spring and noticed the red trillium were in bloom.  As we were walking, we observed other camps had their own individual names and began floating ideas on what to call ours.  We decided on Dreamscape as it had been a “dream” of ours to have a place like this and it was a “great escape”.  The name perfectly described how we felt about this place, and loved it so much we decided to incorporate it into Dreamscape Jewelry Design for our business. The trillium wildflower became our logo.

Red Trillium on camp road

The ritual of naming things evolved into the naming of our jewelry pieces. Once a piece has been designed, created and photographed, we decide what to call it.  It takes time to find the most meaningful one, but is part of the joy of creation.

We named this necklace celebrating the loon: Moonlight, Loonlight Serenade. https://dreamscapejewelry.com/moonlight-loonlight-serenade/

Due to the pandemic, this Summer will be different. It’s usually our busy season, but with the cancellation of a number of our shows due to the pandemic, our pace will be slower.  It’s a bittersweet situation. While shows can be hectic, we love and will miss the interactions with our customers and fellow artists.  But I’ve decided to focus on the positive. As a result of things beyond our control, we will have more time for other pursuits that in the past I’ve only dreamed about….. painting, nature journaling, photography and writing in a place that provides a great escape from the worries of the world.

Making time to savor the beauty that surrounds us.

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