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October 21, 2018: Gifts for the Fairies

“We nurture our creativity when we release our inner child. Let it run and roam free. It will take you on a brighter journey.”  Serina Hartwell

                                                                                                 Photo by Kate Criscone Fine Art and Photography

We’re in the midst of packing up our studios and moving back home to New Hampshire.  It’s a tedious and time consuming process.involving several trips with two loaded vehicles.  In even the best intentioned of times, my studio is never perfectly organized, and procrastination has created a situation where it takes me much longer than it should to pack up.  We had our first  turnaround trip last week and Sunday was filled with an intimidating to-do list.

But it was also a beautiful, Autumn day and when the invitation came to hike with our daughter Kate Criscone and family, it didn’t take much persuasion.

I always love being in the woods, and when accompanied by children, it becomes even more special.  Maya and Zoe, our granddaughters, are nine and six and are fortunate in that they have parents who encourage them to be outdoors and to play. They don’t have IPAds, tv time is rationed, and unstructured play time is part of their daily routine. As a result, they very creative and love going on “nature adventures”.  Through their eyes and imaginations, the simple trail took unexpected side trips and stops. Here was a  tree just meant for climbing.  A pile of brush and leaves became the perfect place to play camouflage.  Questions and exclamations about what we found and heard threaded our conversations. We searched for fairy houses tucked away in roots of trees.  Mushrooms lying on the ground became fairy umbrellas.  Zoe, would place the mushroom at the entrance and whisper, “Fairies, fairies, I have a present for you.” She explained to me in a knowledgeable voice, how a spider web at the door meant that the home was no longer used. In the quiet hush of the forest, there were times when i walked with just one child.  This alone time together was completely in the moment, undistracted,  and reminded me once again, of how precious it is to have it.

My to-do-list was still there.  But my heart was lightened and I felt refreshed and freer than I had in the preceding weeks of shows, responsibilities and work.  Not once did I fret about the state of the world, or even think about it

The child in me had been let out for a glorious afternoon of curiosity, explorations and adventures into make-believe with loved ones. Upon reflection about this journey and time of my life, I realize I need to invite her out more often.  It makes the world so much brighter.

How often do you invite your inner child out to play?  When you do, what happens?



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