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October 4, 2020: Letting Go

“October, the extravagant sister, has ordered an immense amount of the most gorgeous forest tapestry for her grand reception,”

Wendell Holmes

In contrast to all of the dark negativity and sadness in our human world of 2020, Autumn this year, has provided an absolutely stunning panorama of awe-inspiring beauty. For the past several weeks, every time we venture outdoors, we find an ever-changing display of brilliant color. Knowing that this kaleidoscope is a fleeting one, we take our time to savor its gift. Over the last few days, the so called “peak of color” is ebbing, yet there are still pops of color to delight the soul.

October is the fallen leaf, but it is also a wider horizon more clearly seen. It is the distant hills once more in sight, and the enduring constellations above them once again.

Hal Borland
One of our favorite hiking places in Danforth, Maine

Autumn can be a bittersweet time knowing that the sunshine and freedom of Summer has passed and the cold, dark of Winter is waiting with its icy breath around the corner. Yet Autumn is also a rich time of harvest, when we can reflect on and gather in the gifts of life we’ve experienced, and let go of the past and situations that burden us.

“Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

Autumn, can be a season of of both gratitude and introspection. In watching its ephemeral beauty, we can choose to lament its passing, or celebrate its daily gifts. We can reflect on the previous seasons and answer the questions of”what parts are we grateful for and what pieces do we want to change or let go.” Struggles and uncertainty are part of life, yet we can choose to focus on these or let the anxiety and fear go. Autumn’s dance of falling leaves is a poignant reminder of how we need to both celebrate each day and yet let go of the past.

One of the observations we’ve discovered this year, is how each leaf, like each one of us, is unique. The way it transforms in color, is how it responds to the elements in nature. Like the leaves, we too have our own individual way of reacting to our world. We can use this time of year to turn within, harvest its gifts of happiness and joy, and plan the future garden of our life. We can connect with our hopes and dreams, and begin to sow the seeds for the months ahead.

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