Dreamscape Jewelry Design

Out of Chaos…… Comes Creation

Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” — Theodore Levitt

I always have had the best intention of keeping my work space clean and orderly.  You would think knowing how frustrating it is to not be able to find or put my hands on a critical component in my design should be an incentive to keep my space organized.  I do get frustrated when I can’t find specific, necessary components.  Yet what I have found is that some of my best and favorite designs come from what looks like chaos on my table.

How can this be?  What happens is as I’m searching for that elusive piece in the mayhem of my workspace, I spot another component and think, “Aha, I forgot I had this”, or “what would this look if I used it with this? A total sidetrack happens leading to new investigations.  The next thing you know,  I start playing with the materials, and a whole new design is floating in my mind.  Sometimes, I’ll have four or five designs waiting patiently in the corridor of my thoughts.

I find this happens particularly when I’m gearing up for a show.  The “deadline” of finished, show ready, jewelry pieces sets a bar that channels my creative energy, which in turn seems to gear up as the date nears. As the energy flows, I tend to not take the time to stop and put away my materials……hence the chaos.  Currently, my work space looks like a tornado has whirled through our NH studio.  But my creative outfit has been flying this week with new designs that remind me why I love creating jewelry.  Only drawback, is the daunting task of reorganizing…..but as  Scarlett O’Hara said in “Gone With The Wind…..I’ll think about it tomorrow”..or after the next show.



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