Dreamscape Jewelry Design

Savor the Sweetness

“There comes a time when autumn asks,

“What have you been doing all summer?”  unknown


Last Tuesday, upon returning back to our northern Maine studio from a show in New Hampshire, we realized that despite the steamy weekend weather, the hummingbirds had gone. Some unseen weather forecaster told them it was time to begin their long journey to the Gulf of Mexico.The songbirds are losing their courting colors and no longer need to sing for a partner. Once the insects are gone, many birds must leave for warmer territories. Our camp road is quiet. A recent 45 minute walk with our two golden retrievers, yielded only one passing car. And the water I swim in daily has gotten even colder, inspiring thoughts of purchasing a full wet suit rather than the partial one I use all summer.

In New England, summer always seems like such a swiftly, passing entity after long months of winter cold. Yet September always seems to have a sweetness of its own. The bright profusion of flowers, have made way for brilliantly colored seed pods and occasional leaves teasing of the gorgeous displays to come. Bug spray is thankfully no longer a necessity. Warm days give way to the bliss of cool, sleeping nights. And it’s more peaceful.The flurry of summer visitors have gone home.

After four weekend shows in a row, I am looking forward to the next few weeks to relax and savor the sweetness of September.  I will have uninterrupted time to give attention to my watercolors and learn how to work my new camera capturing the spectacular sunsets and colors of the season. New designs for our jewelry have time to be brought into fruition. But most importantly, I will make the effort to intentionally look for the signs of change and treasure them as life unfolding before my eyes.

Viburnum Berries                                                                                          Fireweed in Seed




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