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Simple Gifts

\When we recall the past, we usually find that it is the simplest things – not the great occasions – that in retrospect give off the greatest glow of happiness. – Bob Hope


New Hampshire is finally blooming in May and this week has been one that has been filled with reunions. Not the traditional high school or family ones, but of the gifts of reuniting with treasured friends to our home and at our first outdoor show.

On the home front, Ron and I both love to watch birds and this week were thrilled to see some of our favorite feathered friends return to brighten up our deck and yard with their vibrant colors.  Baltimore orioles with their brilliant orange, Indigo Buntings, Rose-breasted grosbeaks and Iridescent hummingbirds all returned from the sojourns down South.  I’m in awe when I read how far these tiny creatures fly each winter. On wings of hope, they travel thousands of miles to begin anew the process of building a family

Our other reunion took place at our first outdoor show of the season in Hampton Falls, New Hampshire. Setting up and selling at outdoor shows is a tremendous amount of work and takes dedication, perseverance, stamina and the resilience of hope.  We have found over the years, that the artists and crafters we work with have all of the above, with the willingness to pitch in and help others when needed.  Humor is a thread that runs  through our friendships,  a necessary ingredient to put bad weather, slow shows, or  difficulties in perspective.  Laughter and stories are shared along with advice, hugs and valuable tips in the process of building a business.

Whether it’s the joy of sighting a feathered visitor or sharing news after a long season apart, we’re grateful for the simple gifts and happiness to be found in  reunions.                          

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