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The HeArt of Giving!

“Gift Giving is a true art” Vera Nazarian


One of the things I love about designing and selling jewelry is when a customer finds a piece that is especially meaningful. I always like to hear the stories of why it’s significant.  Sometimes it’s a talisman that elicits memories of a special place, a person, an event, or a favorite activity.  Others pieces are a celebration: an anniversary, birthday, birth of a child, retirement or wedding.  But one of my favorites, is when piece is chosen specifically for an individual as a gift

  A personalized bracelet for a loving grandmother                 A tribute to a special place

To find a gift that is meaningful, I always advise my customer that it helps to think of the following questions: Who is the gift for (a teenager, a new mom (dangly earrings are a magnet for babies to pull on) or someone who has difficulty with clasps? What are their hobbies, interests, passions and finally style (classic, elegant, bohemian, artsy, glamorous, minimalist, etc.)?  Finally, to avoid the negative feelings of anxiety in the process of gift giving, what is your budget?  When these questions have been answered, the choices are much easier to find whether you choose a custom piece or one in our collection.


  For one who loves to paddleboard         Custom order for Mama loon and baby            Customize for a beloved pet lover      

This week I had the pleasure of packaging up a gift (our Mountain Moonlight necklace) for a customer’s friend.  She asked me to include the following message:”This reminds me of the happy times we’ve spent north of Boston. From Maine to all around Vermont (including your backyard), this necklace represents it all.”

Taking the time to select a personalized gift can bring joy to both the giver and receiver.


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