Dreamscape Jewelry Design

The Power of Names

“Names have power.”
― Rick RiordanThe Lightning Thief

Customer often ask us, how do I name our jewelry?

I was originally inspired by a talented lampwork artist, Darlene Hayes from Quiet Haven Studio, who named each one of her creations.  Her gorgeous and unique lampwork beads were miniature artworks that inspired new stories in my designs

Since the beginning, when we have finished a bracelet or necklace, we choose a name that tells its “story” to us. It can be where it came from, its meaning, or what its natural design makes us think of in the world around us. These names can range from the mystical “Journey’s End” to the whimsical, like “Pistachio Ice Cream”, and  require reflection, don’t always come easily and sometimes are gratefully inspired by friends. But it is an important part of the meaningful process in our designs.

When a customer tells me they love the piece they have purchased from us, I don’t ask them “what does it look like?”. I ask them, “what was its name.” Its “story” has a place in my heart and memory.


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