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August 23, 2020: Silver Linings

Silver Lining: Noun: sign of hope in an unfortunate or gloomy situation; a bright prospect https://www.dictionary.com/browse/silver-lining

Yesterday we received notification that yet another show was cancelled for the 2020 season.  The remaining two dates in October are subjects for speculation, and our traditional Holiday Artisan Home Show in November will most likely be a virtual one. The cancellation of all of these shows has been both unfortunate and a disappointment, yet not something we have control over.  As a result, we’ve accepted the news with equanimity and adapted our activities to keep motivated and positive.

“Reclaim your curiosity, your sense of adventure, and have some fun. Don’t take every moment of your life so seriously. Allow yourself to enjoy life.” 

― Akiroq Brost

A silver lining has emerged this Summer, which has provided some new insights on which directions we choose to follow in the future.  Although we move up to a beautiful, wild place here in Maine each year, we’re usually working non-stop in preparation for shows and haven’t taken the opportunities which were always waiting for us..

This year, a freer schedule has opened up doors to activities that have traditionally been put off in lieu of time constraints.  Weather permitting, we’re out exploring the natural world daily and learning more about what’s “blooming and being” in this beautiful place..  I’ve had time to work on both painting and photography, two long time dreams of mine, while Ron has been developing innovative designs with his Silversmithing work.   We’ve also throughly enjoyed the time when family and friends (safely vetted for health concerns) were able to visit. As a result, we  both have acknowledged how much calmer, healthier and happier we feel. 

A favorite hike takes us to completely wild, Sucker Lake,

Yet if I was to be perfectly honest, the time constraints in previous years were ones that were self imposed.  Feeling the pressure to be ready for shows, led to choices, that upon reflection were not always the best and/or healthiest ones.  We’ve been outdoors exploring trails or on the lake more this summer than the previous ten years.   The daily exercise has us feeling more fit and healthier.  We recognize now, how both our creativity and positive energy is enhanced by the time spent outdoors exploring our natural world..

Although painting gives me great joy, I only painted once last Summer, and it was never finished.   This year, I just finished my seventh and can see the improvement each time I paint with watercolors. My mid-winter longings for reading in a hammock by the lake, have come to fruition.  Books that were on my wish to read list,  have been read, without any feelings of guilt. 

Painting Number 7

I’ve also had time to pursue another long held dream, which was to create a line of inspirational cards, matted and framed prints from my nature photography.  As a result, we’re excited to be creating a new collection called Dreamscapes: Visions of Nature which will be coming to the website soon.

Coming Soon! Dreamscapes: Visions of Nature


Lessons learned?  Once again, it’s about the challenge of finding balance between work and play.  Hopefully, the pandemic will be resolved soon and we can resume normal activities and participate in shows next year.  Yet, one thing the “Silver Lining” of this summer has taught us is how important it is to actually make time for activities that give us joy. Work is inevitable, but unless we make the choice to consider how we spend our days and plan accordingly, the activities that bring us happiness and joy, are too often lost by the wayside.

What silver linings have you discovered during this time of unprecedented uncertainty?  As always, thank you for reading our Weekly Wandering’s Blog.  We welcome your thoughts and invite you to share these reflections with someone who might find it meaningful.

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