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July 26, 2020: A Happy Place

I’m definitely not a morning lark.  My brain and body need time after awakening to get into a fully functioning mode. I’ve learned over the years, to give myself permission to allow for the gentle start up of a day.  It might mean getting up earlier, but I have come to treasure this gift of time.

Going to a happy place may help restore a healthy balance in one’s life and allow him or her to work things out.     

Sayed Ahmed
I love this mug which reminds me of the birches that line the road leading to our camp.
From the talented potter Molly Harper. https://www.soulpinepottery.com

One of my favorite rituals in the Summer, is to sit outside on our porch, sipping a cup of freshly made coffee in a favorite birch mug, and as the sun rises, ease into my day. I find taking this time to clarify thoughts, sets my attention, framing the day ahead in a positive direction.  Inspirational reading, meditation, and the beauty of nature that surrounds us bestow a sense of peace I carry with me all day.  

Today, as my eyes wandered around our porch, I noticed a gift from a friend, a sign stating “This is My Happy Place.”  It inspired thoughts on happy places and the ensuing question “what makes a happy place?”

Each one of us is unique, with our own dreams, desires, thoughts and needs.  Ultimately, each one of us has our own individual happy place(s).  For one friend Melissa, it’s at the beach, another friend Dottie, at a Sunday dinner table at home surrounded by family. The important criteria seems to be, places that bring us joy. I call our camp on East Grand Lake “our happy place”, but recognize it is one I’ve created in a tapestry of “happy places”. Working in a garden, creating in my studio and photographing out in the woods, all are some of the places that bring joy.  

Hiking in the woods leads us to places of beauty and wonder. No matter how anxious or stressed I might be feeling, time in nature dissolves the negative emotions and replaces them with gratitude and peace.

Our happy places, both physical and in our thoughts, bring a sense of lightness and well-being, a welcome reminder that even in a world of troubles, there are places where we can escape to be renewed and restored. When I was a child, I created imaginary worlds to visit when feeling overwhelmed. As an adult, I have the ability to create and visit my own realities of happiness.

While we are in our “happy places” we can build a treasure trove of sensory experiences: sights, smells, sounds, touches and tastes to return to when needed.  Focusing on the gifts of the present moment and place, enhances our experiences while building a memory bank of joy. When life gets overwhelming, it’s a gift to return to these happy places, even if they are memories in our minds.  

“People who have a happy place will have mental stability, an oasis, ultimately helping them take back their lives.   ”  

Sayed Ahmed

Where is your happy place? We would love to hear from you and appreciate you’re reading our blog and sharing it with someone who might find it meaningful.

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