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February 21, 2021: What’s In A Name?

Each one of our jewelry designs has its own individual name. At shows and on Facebook, we’re often asked “how do we choose the names for the jewelry we create”. The answer is “there is always a story behind the name.” For individual pieces, the name usually has some type of meaningful connection for us, whether it’s through a color, event, person, texture, place or season. Sometimes the names come from our friends on our Facebook page where designs are shown first before they move up to the website.

For example, our snowflake jewelry pieces have names that reflect the visual aspects of winter, using descriptive ones like shimmer, snowflake & snow.

The snowflakes seemed to “dance” in these earrings, so we named them Snow Dancing Earrings https://dreamscapejewelry.com/snow-dancing-earrings/
We named this amethyst necklace A Royal Salute, reflecting an association with purple and royalty. https://dreamscapejewelry.com/a-royal-salute/

Our different collections also reflect a common theme. The Natural World Collection showcases pieces that celebrates the animals, forests, mountains, skies, and waterways of our world. https://dreamscapejewelry.com/celebrate-our-natural-world-collection/

The name Alpine Grace was suggested by a sweet customer who spends time each year at her husband’s family home in Switzerland.https://dreamscapejewelry.com/alpine-grace/

The name Silverstone Collection was created to reflect unique, one-of-a-kind pieces with sterling silver and gemstones. Silver + Stone = Silverstone https://dreamscapejewelry.com/silverstone-collection/

The name Andromeda was chosen because we thought the Dendritic Agate looked like a galaxy. Andromeda is the name of a neighboring galaxy to the Milky Way. https://dreamscapejewelry.com/andromeda/

But the name that garners the most attention is ZoBangles.How did we ever come up with that one?

Several years ago, we needed a name for a new line of leather jewelry. We had been tossing names out for several weeks, asking friends and even putting the query out on social media. But nothing seemed to “fit right”. Until one fateful morning, we went out to one of our favorite breakfast spots. On the way there, we were talking about the need for a name, as our first show of the season was the following weekend. Hmmm….Bracelets, wristlets, ……bangles??? As we pulled into the Union Diner, I randomly remarked “how much Zoe, our granddaughter, loved to eat there”.

One of Zoe’s colorful ensembles. The pink, sparkly “cowgirl” boots were a treasured possession…worn until they fell apart.

Zoe is a whirling ball of energy; creative, capricious and colorful. The colorful, creative part of Zoe were two of the descriptors for our bracelets….and before we even entered the restaurant Zoe + Bangles became ZoBangles.

The name ZoBangles seemed to fit perfectly. The name resonated with both our customers and delighted Zoe. She loved the fact that it was named after her and coined the phrase “how ZoBangles were ZO much fun to wear!” Note: We later named a vintage pin collection Mayamags after her older sister Maya. (Another story!)

After two years of witnessing the success of this new line, we applied for a trademark for the name ZoBangles. It took almost a year, but last week we were delighted to receive in the mail, a formal notification that the name ZoBangles is now officially registered.

We’re Official!

Naming each piece of jewelry and/or collection is part of our creative process; just as it is when I match each one with meaningful quotes on the website. As artists, we hope our creations will have meaning for the customer. Perhaps the piece is a reminder of a special place, milestone, person, or season. Or maybe it is chosen to be worn at an important occasion, a gift for a celebration, or to brighten someone’s day. Whatever it is, when each piece leaves our booth or studio, we hope it means something to its new owner.

And whenever I have customers come back and tell us how much they loved their new jewelry, I will always ask, “which one“? Simply because a name brings back the memory of its creation and the story of how it came to be.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We invite you to share it with others who might find it interesting or meaningful. As always, we welcome your thoughts in the comments below.

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